You can become Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift Certified PRO!

Live Certification and Online Certification options available!

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Why choose Elleebana?

-It is for PROFESSIONALS ONLY. You will need to hold a current Esthetician or Cosmetology License in the State of Tennessee to be a candidate for Elleebana Training and certification.

-Elleebana Lash Lift uses silicone rods instead of traditional rollers to give more of a lifting effect from the base of the eyelash. Our easy to use, no-waste, single-use sachet kits contain everything you need to give your clients the perfect lash lift every time. Each sachet contains enough product for 1 to 2 applications.

The single-use sachets are both hygienic and convenient. You'll get 15-30 lash lifts from a single kit, allowing you to offer your clients a premium service with absolutely no wasted product. Other lash lift systems use reusable packaging which allows oxidation of the product every time it is opened, which results in bad product that will not work. Our one use packaging ensures that you will have fresh product for every client.

Elleebana has the fastest processing times on the market, with only 5 minutes (on average) per process, it really saves on time and does not compromise the clients lashes!

Certification Class Options:

-Hands on training

$600; includes kit with 15 applications


-15 One Shot Lash Lift Kit: min 15 treatments max 30 treatments

-Training Manual

-Live demonstration

-Each student works on 2 model in class

-Certification (After 5 before and after photos are submitted)

-Continued Support

-Name listed on our Find A Stylist Page

-Access to our private FB Group

-Free marketing materials

-Watermark Certified Logos

-Hands on training with Belmacil tint kit

$800; includes everything listed above AND the mini tint kit by Belmacil; colors include- black, blue black, dark brown and light brown.

Want to enroll? Here’s your next step!

1) Email me or Call and I will send your Student enrollment form.

2) Along with the student enrollment form, please attach a copy of your current Esthetician or Cosmetology license.

3) Once I receive both items, I will send you the link to pay via PayPal for your training session or use the link below ONLY if you choose to do the Hands on training with kit included.



AT 615--319-4247

Or Email

[email protected]